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The Answers Within 

Mind  *  Body  *  Spirit

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Facilitating your bodies innate ability to self-heal by unlocking the code within.

We will be closed from Saturday 25th October through to November 2nd.

Thank you for your patience and understanding and I look forward to seeing you on my return.



Reiki Self-Healing

Tuesday's at 8.30am EST


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Zoom Link

Join us via Zoom as we give ourselves the gift of Reiki healing. This is open to all Reiki practitioners of all levels.

Jin Shin Jyutsu Hands On 

Thursday's at 5.30pm and Sunday's at 4pm 

JSJ Practitioners only

Space limited to 6

Reiki I


April 12, 14, 19, 21

6.30PM - 9PM

Cost: $180

Reiki is a healing modality that facilitates healing on all levels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Reiki releases energy blockages, balances energy and promotes health, well-being and relaxation. 

Students enrolled in this course will receive attunements to the Reiki energy and special meditations to access their intuitive inner wisdom for guidance and clarity. 

The class will include energy clearing and manifestation tools, Reiki treatment techniques and practice, personal reflections and counseling. 

At the end of the class students will be certified at Reiki treatments to themselves and others.


Reiki II



Cost:  $240

Reiki II is the second step in Reiki Healing Mastery. The prerequisite for this class is the successful completion of Reiki I. 

Reiki II is presented as a combination of lecture, discussion, meditation, and demonstration and practice of treatment of others; distance healing is also practiced. 

You will learn the three Second Degree Reiki Symbols, their meaning and use, and you will receive guidance in establishing a professional Reiki practice. 

Upon successful completion, you will be recognized as a Reiki II Practitioner.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Reiki I. 





Cost:  $300

Advanced Reiki Training ("ART") You will refine your hands-on skills, perform aura cleansing through hands-on work, use tools such as creating a Reiki Grid, use of crystals, essential oils, pendulums and continue to develop your intuition. 

Upon successful completion, you will be recognized as an Advanced Reiki Practitioner. This course is required if you plan to take Level III Reiki Master training, as it guides and prepares you to become a Reiki Master should you decide to do so in the future.


Sound Healing With

Tuning Forks



Our bodies can be tuned like musical instruments. When they are properly tuned, we have a sense of well-being and perfect self-expression. Dr Beaulieu has pioneered a new form of sound healing called BioSonic Repatterning™ which uses special tuning forks to tune our nervous system to create greater harmony and balance.

You will learn:

How to use tuning forks for yourself and for others, and the difference between weighted and unweighted forks.

How to work with weighted tuning forks that deliver vibrations deep into bone and tissue creating pain relief, relaxation, the release of knots, muscle spasms and more....

How to personally use Healing Sound to further physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Learn protocols and techniques with the basic tuning fork set for reducing anxiety, calming emotions, grief, digestive issues, better quality of sleep, reduce pain, nervous system balancing, grounding, centering, mental, emotional & spiritual well-being